The Acne Shot

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The Acne Shot is a simple injection of corticosteroid to reduce the appearance of large acne cysts on the face, back and chest. Acne is common for most people and can pop up during all stages of life.

Typically, people experience bouts of acne during adolescence and young adulthood. These breakouts gradually become less often and less severe hormone levels stabilize. However, for some, breakouts can sporadically worsen through their late teens, twenties, and even thirties. These adult-onset breakouts regularly come with large, inflamed, and painful cysts that can lead to permanent scarring. Many turn to drug store remedies, subscription cleansing systems, or beauty shops creams to fight the breakout and reclaim control of their skin. But, for many of our clients, these remedies don’t quite do the trick. And, when a breakout strikes before an important event, it can be particularly heartbreaking. That’s why we are proud to offer The Acne Shot to our clientele. With this easy treatment, our clients see radical results that other skincare products just don’t produce. To see if The Acne Shot is right for your complexion, please schedule a personal consultation at either our Buena Park or Cupertino offices. 

What Is The Acne Shot?

Acne can be caused by inherited traits, bacteria in and around the skin, certain medications, or an imbalance of hormones. The Acne Shot works by injecting corticosteroids directly into the troublesome cyst. The steroid acts as an anti-inflammatory that reduces the redness and size of the acne cyst. Treating bigger acne spots can be difficult with other acne-fighting products, as they might not be strong enough to address large, more painful pimples. However, in medical trials, corticosteroid shots have shown to be effective at reducing big inflammatory pimples.[1] 

If you would like to see clear, smoother skin, schedule a consultation at one of our two offices or call our friendly front desk directly at:

Personal Consultation

We will begin your consultation by going over your medical history and learning about your previous breakouts and skin health. Then, we will inspect your acne and decide which approach is appropriate. This will depend on the size, volume, and depth of your acne.[2] If we decide The Acne Shot is right for you, we will administer the appropriate amount directly into the pimple. After we have completed your treatment, you will notice the treated pimple(s) significantly reduce in the following days. 


The cost of your Acne Shot will depend on how much corticosteroid is required to treat your unique breakout. Since acne varies in size, groupings, and location, different amounts of a corticosteroid will be necessary during your treatment. To learn more about our prices, please contact us. If you would like to know what specials we currently offer, please visit our location-specific specials pages


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