Hair Growth Treatment

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Hair Growth Treatment Buena Park and Cupertino, CA

A hair growth treatment is designed to stimulate dormant hair follicles and support the health of the surrounding skin. Many treatments can combat the most common form of hair loss, androgenic alopecia- male/female patterned hair loss- by increasing natural growth factors, molecules that transfer signals for the body to regenerate tissues. Others cause controlled and tiny micro-injuries to encourage a boosted healing response and new blood circulation to the area of hair loss. 

With certain minimally invasive and non-invasive methods, clinicians can revive patients’ hair density and promote thicker hair shafts, restoring a youthful appearance. For many, healthy hair can transform your look and have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Attaining a fuller head of hair can be an essential step toward increasing your self-esteem and how you present yourself in your personal and professional life. 

If you have been dealing with the struggles of thinning hair, 17Medspa can introduce you to several effective hair growth treatments– each highly customizable to treat varying severities of hair loss. 

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Why Does Hair Loss Occur? 

Hair can be one of the first aspects of our appearance that people notice about us. And when it thins, it can be devastating. The reasons for hair loss are nuanced and many factors can come into play. Most who suffer hair loss have an extremely common condition called androgenic alopecia, which can affect men and women alike. Studies show that about 80% of men will develop it, while 50% of women will before age 70. (1) This condition manifests due to fluctuations of androgen hormones, like testosterone. The follicles on the scalp are especially sensitive to these hormones due to the presence of more androgen receptors in this area, resulting in decreased density, thinner strands, and slowly receding hair. 

People with male-patterned hair loss have follicles with short anagen (growth) phases, so the hair shafts themselves tend to fall out faster. One other type of alopecia is alopecia areata which develops from an immune system dysfunction. Inflammatory cells target and damage the hair matrices of hair follicles, the main structures are cells that produce the hair shafts themselves. With this condition, hair loss appears randomly and in unpredictable patches. Contrary to popular belief, as many as 34 to 50% of those with the condition can reduce their hair loss symptoms within 1 year, especially if they seek prompt care. (2) Research proves that even if hair loss is not patterned, it is still highly treatable.

Why Do Some People Lose Their Hair? 

Genetics and age play a huge role in how noticeable one’s hair loss becomes over time. Other causes of hair include certain hairstyles, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, stress, and nutrient deficiencies. Finding the root cause of your condition can help you find a treatment solution.  

Treatment Options at 17Medspa

Fotona Hair Toning 

Hair Growth Treatment Buena Park and Cupertino, CA

Fotona hair toning is a non-invasive laser that utilizes controlled pulses of thermal energy to stimulate dormant hair follicles affected by the onset of hair loss disorders. For a treatment session with the Fotona laser, your clinician will apply concentrated infrared light waves of 2940 nm- the frequency at which the laser emits each unit of light. This particular laser creates pathways within the skin, signaling a healing process that includes an influx of growth factors and other proteins that support hair follicle growth. Of particular benefit to patients with weakened hair follicles is the Scalp Toning mode, which regenerates areas of hair loss without causing disruption or damage to existing hair. The pulses also dilate blood vessels, allowing more nutrients to enter the scalp’s skin. In conjunction with this mechanism, it also triggers neoangiogenesis, the formation of brand-new blood vessels

PRP Injections 

PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, is a concentrated substance composed of your own blood plasma. For a PRP hair restoration session, your specialist will first take a sample of your blood through standard blood test methods. Then, they will separate the red and white blood cells from the components with healing properties: platelets. These tiny proteins carry numerous growth factors (such as epidermal, endothelial, and fibroblast growth factors) needed to repair the processes required for healthy, dense hair growth. (3) PRP can also extend the length of your hair’s growth phase, promoting individual hair strands that are thicker in diameter as well as longer. Your clinician will prepare PRP injections for administration into the scalp or other areas of hair thinning. 

Stem Cell Injections 

Stem cell injections are similar to PRP injections because they harness the regenerative abilities of cells. Stem cells are “precursor” cells, meaning that they have the potential to form the cells that make up several different kinds of specialized tissues. Specifically, human follicle stem cells (HFSCs) are effective at facilitating the growth of new hair follicles and regulating the growth cycles of follicles. HFSCs are naturally found in the arrector pili muscle of each hair follicle, the muscle that allows the hairs to contract and stand on end.  Research also suggests that stem cell injections can cause a subtle inflammatory effect through an increase of immune cells called neutrophils and macrophages, resulting in new hair growth. (5) Just like PRP, your clinician administers stem cells through shallow injections into the scalp’s skin. 

LED Light Therapy 

LED light therapy relies on low-level, non-invasive colored and infrared light to reduce inflammation in the treatment area, kill bacteria, and support healing processes in the skin. Specifically, red light wavelengths of 650 nm can extend the anagen phase, giving hair follicles more time to properly form stronger hair shafts. (6) Unlike laser resurfacing procedures, LED light does not inflict any injury to the skin, but instead promotes a rejuvenating environment. Because of this, patients can enjoy quick 30-minute treatments without any anesthesia or downtime.

Personal Consultation

When you request a consultation at 17Medspa, we will set up an appointment for you at a time and date most convenient for you. You will have the opportunity to speak with one of our hair growth specialists, where you will discuss your history of hair loss, what you have tried so far, and your desired goals for re-growth. They will listen intently to your concerns and discuss, in detail, vital information regarding our treatments. After formulating a recommended treatment plan, you will have plenty of knowledge to make an informed decision. 

Preparing for Your Treatment

Clients with appointments for hair growth treatments must ensure their hair is thoroughly washed before their treatment session. Following this session, they must refrain from wetting their scalp for several days due to the injections administered.

Cost of Hair Growth Treatments in Buena Park 

The cost of your hair growth treatment will depend on your clinician’s recommendations and the number of sessions you will require to get optimal results. Here at 17Medspa, we offer a wide variety of treatment packages that can accommodate your specific financial investment in our services. 

Attaining a fuller head of hair has never been more straightforward! Please call our Buena Park location at (714) 332-7009 or (714) 224-9010, get in touch with our Cupertino office at (408) 663-8701, or inquire online today for your personalized consultation. 


How can I increase the effectiveness of hair growth treatments? 

To increase the effectiveness of your treatment, you should consult your clinician regarding specific instructions on avoiding sun exposure, sweating, and harsh shampoos for some time. Usually, patients should also avoid drinking alcohol and taking anti-inflammatories to optimize growth factors within their treatment area. The frequency of your treatment is also an important determining factor. 

Are hair growth treatments effective for restoring facial hair?

Hair follicles behave the same way throughout the entire body, so hair growth treatments will work the same on the face. 

What are some natural hair growth treatments? 

PRP and stem cell injections are natural therapies because they incorporate cells and growth factors that are already present in the body. Other light therapies can support healing processes and fight off inflammation that can contribute to further hair loss. 

Do hair growth treatments require anesthesia? 

Light-based therapies like the HAIRestart laser and LED light do not require any anesthesia, and patients do not feel any discomfort. For injectable treatments like PRP and stem cells, clinicians can apply topical cream to provide numbing and use ultra-fine needles to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. 

What is the most effective form of hair growth treatment? 

Finding the most effective form of treatment is a highly personal decision that depends on how much hair loss you have experienced already. Typically, patients benefit most from combining several approaches including LED light, laser, PRP, stem cells, and medications. Staying consistent with treatment is essential. 

Who are the best candidates for hair growth treatments? 

Anyone experiencing thinning hair may benefit from treatment- so long as they do not have active acne or another skin condition in the area. 


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