Slim Shot

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The slim shot is a once-weekly treatment designed to help patients achieve gradual and consistent weight loss with tirzepatide. It is a similar compound to semaglutide, the main compound in Ozempic and Wegovy.

Just like these medications, it has undergone rigorous evaluation by the FDA, earning approval in May of 2022 under the brand name Mounjaro. Just like semaglutide, it was first intended to help type 2 diabetics sustain healthy blood sugar levels, but it has proven to have the added advantage of helping you control strong hunger cravings. Patients can use the slim shot for long-term weight maintenance as a tool for making healthier choices. The goal with tirezaptide is to find a lifestyle and sustainable eating habits that will keep patients full of energy and vitality- no starvation crash diets are required! Within just 3 months, most patients can enjoy their new figure and the vast health benefits that come with it. 

If you are looking to explore the latest in weight loss technology, the team at 17Medspa can introduce you to this revolutionary medication. Our medspa locations are physician-led and offer patients a variety of minimally and non-invasive treatments to maintain optimal skin health and beauty. For our weight loss programs, contact us online, or call your nearest location. Every day, we help patients look and feel their best with our research-backed approaches. 

The Science of Weight Loss Medications

Your 17Medspa clinician can prescribe tirzepatide if you struggle to keep your blood sugar levels in check or if you would like a bit of extra help in attaining your weight loss goals. Both semaglutide and tirzepatide have countless studies proving their effectiveness and safety. For example, in one study, tirzepatide showed extremely similar results to its Ozempic counterpart by helping obese participants lose 20% or more of their starting weight. It helped create these dramatic results by increasing their metabolisms’ ability to burn fat for energy. (1) Weight loss is not just a surface-level issue, patients can reap the long-lasting effects by reducing their likelihood of developing diabetes and other serious conditions like chronic high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

How Does Tirzepatide Work?

To help individuals reduce their cravings, the medication needs to make some chemical changes in the body. Just like semaglutide, tirzepatide serves the same functions as GLP-1 hormones (glucagon-like peptide 1) that trigger more insulin secretion. Insulin is a critical hormone that spikes during meals, allowing the body to break down sugars for energy. For people with type 2 diabetes, the pancreas- the organ that makes insulin- is impaired, reducing the efficiency and speed of their metabolism. It also means that blood sugar levels can remain quite high for those with diabetes. As a replacement for the GLP-1 hormones, tirzepatide signals the pancreas to increase its activity, releasing more insulin into the bloodstream. After that, the body can burn more calories instead of storing them as fat reserves, and weight loss becomes much more feasible and easier to accomplish. Some of the insulin travels to the hypothalamus area of the brain, deactivating sensations of hunger. Due to this action, tirzepatide patients report feeling fuller after consuming smaller meals.

How is Tirzepatide Different from Semaglutide?

Tirzepatide affects another process that semaglutide does not impact. The compound also imitates GIP hormones- short for glucose-dependent insulinotrophic polypeptide hormones. GIP hormones work similarly to GLP-1s, further improving insulin production. Tirzepatide also triggers the release of more adiponectin, a hormone that fights against inflammation, enhances insulin sensitivity, and helps prevent the onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (2)(3)

Benefits of Tirzepatide

17Medspa takes a unique approach to this medication, ensuring that each patient undergoing our program responds well and is satisfied with their prescribed dosage. Some of the most significant benefits of the FDA-approved medication include: 

  • Greater weight reduction than semaglutide at all prescribed doses. (4)
  • More control over unhealthy food cravings
  • Significant decrease in negative side effects like headache, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea- common reactions to weight loss medications
  • Slower digestion of food, maintaining satiation over longer periods
  • Better conversion of food into energy rather than stored fat
  • Improved glycemic control, or control over blood sugar levels
  • Increased sense of well-being and body confidence

17Medspa suggest a 3-month program to introduce patients to the tirzepatide program, but they can renew their package with a different dosage if they still need to reach their goal weight.

‌Candidates for the Slim Shot

Weight loss injections are suitable for type 2 diabetics who want a supplemental treatment to control their blood sugar and patients who wish to sculpt slimmer body contours. Your 17Medspa clinician will assess your candidacy in detail during your consultation, ensuring that tirzepatide is safe for you to take. For example, individuals with heart, kidney, or thyroid problems, cancer, or an auto-immune disease may experience complications with this medication and should consult their doctor first. Candidates should be committed to consuming healthier foods, not extreme dieting.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with your 17Medspa clinician, they will ask you about your struggle with weight management and what you have tried so far. They may review your overall health and discuss how much weight you would like to lose with tirzepatide. They may inform you about lifestyle changes you can implement into your life to further enhance the effectiveness of the medication. Finally, they will review all necessary information you will need to know in terms of doses, frequency, and the duration of your treatment. You will have a chance to ask any remaining questions, helping you make a quality decision for you and your health.

To take the first step today, inquire with our online form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Treatment Plan

We prescribe tirzepatide using a standard 3-month treatment plan, but we will start you on a low dose so that you can monitor how you feel. We usually prescribe a small amount once per week to start. After about the first few doses, we may increase it slightly if you are not getting the satiating benefits you are looking for. The goal is to raise the dosage gradually to help reduce the possibility of experiencing negative side effects. We can help you achieve remarkable results with a dose that you feel most comfortable with. At the end of your 3-month plan, we may reevaluate you and ask if you would like to continue the treatment on a different dose. At 17Medspa, many of our patients lose about 30% of their total body weight, but the results vary.

Self-Injection Method

Based on each person’s situation, there may be an option for you to take home the slim shot if you’re residence is too far away. We understand that you may have a busy lifestyle and cannot visit our location every week, but we can help you make the treatment fit well within your schedule. In general, instructions for these injections are relatively simple and include the following steps: 

  1. First, you should wash your hands thoroughly and check that the vial is properly sealed and that the liquid looks clear. Double-check to make sure that it is not expired.
  2. Remove the cap on the vial and use an alcohol swab to wipe the rubber stopper on the top of the vial.
  3. Get a new syringe and take off the caps on both sides.
  4. Fill the syringe with air by pulling down the plunger to the appropriate dosage.
  5. Place the needle into the vial- with the vial upside down- and push the plunger to add the drawn air. With the syringe still attached, you should aspirate the prescribed dose of tirzepatide, making sure to avoid drawing in bubbles.
  6. Chosen either your thigh or abdomen as the injection site and clean the area with an alcohol swab.
  7. Pinch the tissue with one hand and inject with the other, administering the contents in a steady, relatively quick manner.

Your clinician can send you home with four doses- a month’s worth- so you will have to return the following month to get more tirzepatide.

Cost of Tirzepatide in Orange County

The cost of your tirzepatide will depend on the injection plan, the dosages, and follow-up appointments at 17Medspa. We go over the specifics of the total treatment cost during patient consultations.

If you feel ready to transform your body and health with tirzepatide, reach out for a consultation by using our contact form or calling the location nearest you. We have offices near the Bay Area, Santa Clara, and Orange County regions. Regardless of your treatment of choice, we are here to help you learn more about the newest approaches to body and facial rejuvenation. 


Is tirzepatide for extreme dieting?

Tirzepatide is a thoroughly reviewed and FDA-approved medication intended to help patients lose weight without needing to starve or follow a temporary fad diet. With tirzepatide, patients can more mindfully decrease their portion sizes and include more healthful foods into their diet since cravings are reduced.

Is tirzepatide as effective as Ozempic? 

Some research has suggested that tirzepatide can provide more dramatic weight loss results than Ozempic. In addition to imitating GLP-1 hormones to increase insulin secretion and reduce hunger, it also imitates GIP hormones to magnify the effectiveness. It also increases a hormone called adiponectin which amplifies insulin sensitivity. 

How much weight loss can I achieve with tirzepatide? 

Tirzepatide helps overweight and obese patients lose around 20% to 30% of their body weight. 

When can I expect to see results with tirzepatide? 

The effects of the medication settle in at different times for different patients. It usually takes about 3 months to notice significant changes, depending on your starting weight and your unique metabolism. 

Is tirzepatide safe for long-term use?

Patients can initially increase their prescribed dosage every few weeks, but for long-term weight maintenance, they should find a dosage that works for them. Clinicians typically reevaluate 3 months into treatment. 


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