Masseter Botox (Jaw Slimming Botox)

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What is masseter botox?

Masseter muscle is located on each side of your face, on your jaw area that mostly controls your chewing and speaking. The size of this muscle can grow if you’re a heavy chewer, or just based on how your muscles are built. Once this muscle is significantly large, it can give you the appearance of a bigger jaw shape. Our treatment goal with botox is, by injecting botox directly into this muscle, it will relax the muscle such that it reduces in size, ultimately resulting in a “shaved-off” look that slims down your jaw size. 

How many units of botox do I need in this area and what are the side effects?

The amount of botox units will vary by patient and the size of the muscle. But typically, it ranges from as little as 10 units to 40 units per side.

The side effects are minimal, however, if the solution reaches the location of your salivary glands, you may experience less saliva production while the botox is in effect.