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PicoWay is a low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) device for lifting and toning skin. It can help with  a number of ailments including signs of aging, acne, benign lesions, and hyperpigmentation. Using picosecond pulses of light energy (just one trillionth of a second in duration), the PicoWay laser makes skin rejuvenation simple, leaving patients with noticeable results after just one session!

The PicoWay system is highly adaptable according to the type of treatment you require. It functions as a fractional laser, splitting the single beam into smaller beams that target problem skin areas. It’s also nonablative, meaning it does not remove the top layer of the skin. Instead, it heats the lower layers, triggering the body’s production of strengthening collagen.

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About PicoWay

The FDA approved the first picosecond laser for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions in 2012. Since then, it’s become known as a safe, rapid, and effective skin treatment modality. (1) 

PicoWay for Skin Aging

A PicoWay treatment can transform aging skin. By heating the deeper layers, it stimulates neocollagenesis, or the production of new collagen. Collagen plays an important role in our skin. Among other benefits, it can:

  • Improve skin hydration
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Help skin look more youthful
  • Maintain skin strength
  • Minimize wrinkles

With PicoWay, patients can achieve tighter, more youthful-looking skin that looks and feels healthier.

Surveys show high patient satisfaction rates in picosecond laser treatments.(2)

PicoWay for Benign Pigmented Lesions

Benign pigmented lesions come in many forms, but PicoWay can handle them all! Common benign lesions include:

  • Liver Spots (Lentigines)
  • Age Spots (Seborrheic Keratoses)
  • Dark Patches (Melasma)
  • Birthmarks
  • Moles

At a consultation at 17 Med Spa, we can assess your skin lesions’ compatibility with PicoWay treatment. If you’re a suitable candidate, we’ll create a customized treatment plan and determine the number of PicoWay sessions you need to get the best results!  

PicoWay for Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scarring

Hyperpigmentation is darkened skin coloration. It can occur after a skin injury, and is particularly prevalent in some skin types after acne breakouts. It can be frustrating to have gotten rid of blemishes, only for skin discoloration to persist months, even years after acne has resolved. There is strong study evidence that shows the effectiveness of picosecond pulse lasers in the treatment of acne scars. (3)

Picosecond lasers have demonstrated consistent results for tattoo removal, pigment conditions, wrinkle removal and acne scarring.(4)

Tattoo Removal with PicoWay

Lasers are now a mainstay in tattoo removal. As well as treating signs of aging and blemishes, the PicoWay laser is also a hassle-free way to remove unwanted ink. It can be tough to find a way to remove permanent tattoos, as the pigment that was placed by the tattoo machine is located in the lower levels of the skin. 

If you have a tattoo you no longer like the look of, you may consider a coverup piece. But, there’s no guarantee the reworked design will work out! It can also be expensive, and requires a certain amount of skill on the part of the tattoo artist. That’s why removing tattoo ink permanently with lasers is becoming increasingly popular. PicoWay can successfully treat a wide array of tattoo pigments, including hard-to-remove warmer colors like red and yellow.

How Does PicoWay Remove Tattoos?

During a PicoWay tattoo removal procedure, our skin specialist will run the device over your skin, using short, controlled bursts of targeted laser energy. Patients experience a snapping heat against the skin as the lower layers are targeted and the ink is destroyed. Picosecond laser tattoo removal does so via a photothermal and photoacoustic effect. (4) The electromagnetic energy PicoWay laser emits causes a photothermal effect which excites molecules in the skin, producing heat. The photoacoustic effect is caused by sound waves created by the light energy coming into contact with the skin. Both help to destroy the ink

The pigmented particles of the tattoo disintegrate into smaller component parts and over time, the body breaks them down and excretes them, leaving patients with reduced pigmentation in the treatment area. With multiple sessions, your tattoo will gradually fade until it’s virtually invisible!

Why Choose PicoWay?

  • Safe, fast procedure
  • Effective in all skin types
  • Improves overall skin tone
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Can treat multicolored tattoos
  • Minimal downtime

PicoWay laser procedures are popular with patients and practitioners alike! With PicoWay, we can design a unique treatment plan for your needs. We can control the wavelength, fluence (particle density), repetition rate, and spot size, for tailored, customizable treatments. (5)

Surveys show high patient satisfaction rates after picosecond laser treatments.(6)

Candidates for PicoWay

Most people are good candidates for a skin treatment with PicoWay. It’s a safe, convenient option for darker skin types, and does not involve extensive downtime. People who wish to improve their skin through lifting and toning, and people with acne may consider a PicoWay treatment as opposed to an ablative laser treatment, which can be more painful and cause more damage to surrounding tissues. PicoWay is also a great option for people with unwanted tattoos, and can diminish even colored tattoos over several successive sessions. You may not be able to get a PicoWay treatment if:

  • You’re hypersensitive to near infrared light
  • You’re taking medication that increases photosensitivity
  • You finished an isotretinoin course within the past 6 months
  • You have an autoimmune condition (such as lupus)
  • You have an active infection in the area of treatment

Patients with very dark skin should understand that some hypo or hyperpigmentation may occur after treatment. Please feel free to discuss this with us at your personal consultation.

Personal Consultation

Come for a consultation at 17 Med Spa in Cupertino or Buena Park to see how a PicoWay laser treatment can help you revitalize your skin! During your initial appointment with us, we’ll ask you to provide some basic information about your health, and any skin conditions you have experienced in the past, or are experiencing now. We will examine your skin and note the areas for treatment. If you’re a suitable candidate for Picoway, we’ll schedule your first session!

Contact 17 Med Spa today to book a personalized skin consultation with one of our experts!

Cost of a PicoWay Treatment in Buena Park

Every PicoWay treatment plan is designed for the individual, so prices will vary. Once we’ve taken a look at your skin and assessed how many treatments you’ll need to get the best results, we can give you a quote for your tailored service. Residents of Southern California can call Buena Park at (714) 224-9010, and Bay Area residents can contact our Cupertino location at (408) 663-8701 to book an initial consultation. We look forward to providing you with a laser treatment that will help you reach your beauty goals! Alternatively, fill out our simple form for further information.


How many PicoWay sessions will I need to remove a tattoo?

completely. Tattoos vary in size and ink depth, and different patients respond in different ways to treatment. Most tattoos will require five or more sessions for the best results. Contact your provider to schedule an in-person consultation for more information.

Does a PicoWay treatment hurt?

Most patients describe mild but tolerable discomfort during their PicoWay treatment.

Is PicoWay suitable for darker skin types?

PicoWay is suitable for most skin types, although patients with very dark skin should be cautioned that some skin discoloration may occur following treatment.

What are the most common side-effects from a PicoWay tattoo treatment?

The most commonly experienced side-effects after PicoWay tattoo treatment are tingling and redness. Patients may also experience swelling and pinpoint bleeding in the area of treatment. Most symptoms will resolve fully in a few hours to days.


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